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What We Offer

Are you tired of fad diets?? Can you not get the motivation to boost your weight loss?? We can help! 
At waist control weight loss we understand that not every weight loss diet has the same result in each individual, so that's why we offer several different modalities to help each individual on a more personal basis.

Phentermine Diet Pills
At Waist Control, we have found in our family practice that some patients cannot lose weight with strictly dieting, and Phentermine Diet pills help give them the boost they need to achieve true weight loss. 

The program involves assessing your physical progress, as well as giving you emotional support.

Why put yourself at risk to all of the risks involved with being overweight, when we have so many options available to you, and promise to be with you every pound of the way.

Phentermine works by stimulating the brain and affecting certain neurotransmitters to decrease appetite, effectively decreasing the intake of calories necessary for you to lose weight.

Phentermine merely mimics your body's natural response to stress and uses this to keep your hunger pangs at bay and also increases your ability to burn fat. Since it uses a normal reaction, it is safe and very much efficient and that is why it is a popular weight loss medication in this area. This medicine can be used with the lipotropic injections in order to boost your metabolism.

This medication, gives you energy, while boosting your metabolism and curbing your appetite. We have found that this is a good medicine to go to if you are resistant to Phentermine, or have already built tolerance to the phentermine medication. This is also a good medication to help for those who simply need a boost of energy and a jump start to successful weight loss. This medicine can be used with the Lipotropic injections as well to boost weight loss and your metabolism. *Manufactured by Valeant Pharmaceuticals and they have no association with our clinic.



Topiramate, at different doses has been FDA approved when taken with Phentermine to promote weight loss. It has also shown to be effective in weight loss centers across the Country to promote weight loss by itself. Topiramate is an everyday medicine, and is not a stimulant, so unlike other medications it will not cause insomnia or increased heart rate.

Lipotropic Injections
Lipotropic compounds are substances that help stimulate the breakdown of fat (lipids) during metabolism and, in this way, reduce excess fat in the liver and other tissues. Injections of carefully calibrated doses of natural lipotropic nutrients can improve your ability to lose fat. By definition, a lipotropic substance decreases the deposit, or speeds up the removal of fat within the liver. The liver is a complex organ so keeping a healthy liver ensures a healthy body. The liver plays a major role in human metabolism including digestion, storage and distribution of nutrients and detoxification of alcohol and other drugs and waste products.

One way of doing this is to make sure that bile and fats do not become trapped in the liver which can cause several different kinds of serious liver conditions. One thing that can keep the liver healthy is lipotropic compound injections. Perhaps you've never heard of injections for weight loss? Lipotropic compound injections offer many benefits towards weight loss. How? Here's some ways these shots can help your patients: It reduces the storage of fat in your patients. It increases your patient’s metabolism. It gives your patient an increased energy. Lipotropic compound injections enhance liver and gallbladder's role by decreasing fat deposits and speeding up metabolism of fat and its removal.

Lipotropic compound injections effectively reduce appetite and increase the patient body's natural fat-burning processes. Using lipotropic compound injections, along with proper diet and exercise, it can help the patient reach their ideal weight goal faster. ACKNOWLEDGE: Prescription is required to purchase Lipotropics. Lipotropic compound injections aid your SItiFnty/ weight loss by giving them an extra boost. This weight loss tool is only available through a physician. There are six types of ingredients that make lipotropic compound injections: Methionine, Inositol, Choline, Vitamins B6/B12


Risks and Complications of Obesity

  • Heart disease and heart attacks
  • Strokes and high blood pressure
  • Colon cancer-  (now associated with excess fat consumption in the diet)
  • Arthritis- sometimes crippling and leading to a need for joint replacement
  • Diabetes Mellitus- (high blood sugars)
  • Depression
  • Bad self image
  • Negative thoughts
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Chronic fatigue

Once we calculate your individual BMI, Dr Kayfan will provide you with a meal plan to suit your lifestyle, as well as a discussed Exercise regimen. We also have fat and starch blockers available to established patients as well.

Please feel free to call our clinic at anytime during normal business hours if you have any further questions regarding our weight loss solutions. We will be more than happy to discuss in further detail with you any questions you have.